How and When to Apply for a Grant

Grant Cycles

In late March of each year, the Foundation considers grants that may be directed toward an agency’s ordinary operating costs, as well as grants for relatively small, one-time projects. The application deadline for the March grant cycle is February 15. The maximum request for a March award is $25,000. Any request over $25,000 will not be considered.

Grant requests for $25,000 or less may be submitted for either the September or March grant cycle, but grant requests for more than $25,000 may only be submitted for the September award period. The application deadline for the September grant cycle is August 1.

The Foundation utilizes a secure, online grant application process.  To apply for funding, please contact Angela Goddard.

The application requests the following information:

  • Overview of Organization’s history, mission, programs and services.
  • Overview of Request – A general description of the specific program or project, including the goals and objectives, duration, anticipated outcomes, measures of success, collaborations, and sustainability plans.
  • Overview of Financials – Summary of the amount of funding requested in relation to the total amount needed; listing of support from other donors; a program or project budget, as well as most recent annual operating budget with a breakdown of funding sources.
  • A statement that the organization’s profile is current.

Below are the additional items required only if the organization’s profile is not current:

  • A list of the executive managers and board members of the organization
  • The organization’s latest audited financial statements and IRS tax filing (Form 990)
  • A copy of the organization’s IRS determination letter confirming its 501(c)3 status and a statement indicating that such status has not been subsequently revoked.

Applicants may include other information that might give insight into their organization, program or project.

The Foundation does not make grants for support of, or to purchase tickets to, charitable fundraising events or dinners. The Foundation provides funds only to charitable organizations described in Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code and does not provide grants to individuals.